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Welcome Students, it's

Bienvenue Aux Étudiants de Franche-Comté is an event organized by the University of Franche-Comté and all the associated players (region, cities, schools).

Its objective is to welcome the greatest number of newcomer students from any higher education establishment around a cultural, informative, social and united event.

It is also the opportunity to involve senior students in the organization of the event in order to develop student engagement in welcoming peers.

Welcome to the students is the occasion to mark the occasion for the start of the student year by organizing a large-scale action to build community while respecting the sanitary instructions.

Discover the new program of all the events and activities offered




Last year, you got to know our interactive student life discovery game: Integration 2.0. Through this Chatbot, students toured their campus, good deals, student associations and their new host city.  

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